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  • Клиент: ASKONA/|\Client: ASKONA:
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  • Год: 2021/|\Year: 2021:


The Ergomotion sleeping system from the legendary Askona brand is a unique transformable base with an anatomical mattress. By changing the position of the body, this premium product helps you achieve complete relaxation and fall into sleep in 15 minutes.

Project goals were split in two sets – working on the implementation of the client’s business performance plan, and positioning and growing knowledge about the new product for the target customer segment.


As part of the special project, we developed an omnichannel ecosystem consisting of a creative section (video, banners, landing), reach channels and lead generation. The creative was built on the insight that our TA desired to have good health and mood in order to achieve their goals.

“Success starts with a dream, and dreams are born in the privacy of one’s mind. We all have our own private rituals — a warm bat, a cup of hot cacao, a new book, favourite music or meditation. But the goal is always the same — to put life on pause, understand yourself and your true desires. Surrender to the flight — the cosmos will never end!”

The idea of immersion in the incredible world of Ergomotion was reflected in the video as well as in the pool of image and product banners. Acquiring impressions using the programmatic technology in combination with targeted advertising allowed us to reach the right audience as accurately as possible. To increase the reach, we invited Ekaterina Varnava, Dmitry Knysh, Ekaterina Klimova and Lukerya Ilyashenko to test drive the sleeping system.

All traffic was centralised on a special landing page with a giveaway of the sleeping system, revealing the technological features of the product and exploring the topic of physiological impact of high-quality sleep on our success.

The campaign ended with a 360° interactive exhibition at the Artplay Digital Art Center, created with the best directors of generative graphics and composers from the Lo-Fi genre, unprecedented in Russia. Live scenery and a special musical score invited visitors on a journey through all the phases of sleep into a fantastic space where dreams can take shape and become reality.


Landing page




Creative section tools:
• Audio branding
• Landing page
• Video

Reach section tools:
• Media advertising
• Bloggers

Lead generation section tools:
• Targeted advertising
• Remarketing
• E-mail newsletter

Offline communication:
• Exhibition with generative graphics


The campaign has reached over 9 000 000 unique users. We have received over 20 000 requests for participation in the giveaway. Sales growth data will be added after we complete the evaluation of the project’s performance.
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