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  • Клиент: Экспресс Офис/|\Client: EXPRESS OFFICE:
  • Направление: Performance/|\Direction: Performance:
  • Год: 2019/|\Year: 2019:


Express Office is the leader in the segment of office furniture with offline stores in more than 70 cities of Russia and delivery options for any region. The project already had contextual advertising in place and SEO was working great. Advertising brought sales, but there was no positive dynamics. Our short-term objective was to maintain the sales volume at the same level after the change of the contractor. In the long term, we needed to increase sales by 30%.


• Sales dynamics on the online store did not correlate with actual shipments for transactions. The lack of CRM and end-to-end analytics made it hard to find the cause

• Low-frequency queries had to be led to the page of a specific product, but at the same time they had to stay within the ad group with similar keywords in order to avoid the status of “Few impressions”. This caused different brands to end up in 1 ad group. The DPO tool made ads unattractive and lowered the CTR

• Focusing on shipping goods with a receipt of >100 000 rubles

• Different days produced different performance dynamics and it had to be controlled. You could spend 300 000 rubles in a single day and get unfavorable results, even without associated conversions

• Orders were made through orders on the website and by phone in equal proportions. In order to understand the efficiency of advertising, we needed to establish wiretapping and call tagging.


• LF queries were sent to the landing page of a specific product through parameter 1,2 in Direct. To create attractive ads, we used #templates#

• In particular we worked out the method of collecting LF queries, since users could write the name of the same model differently

• We established control of dynamics that was used 3 times a day and allowed us to make one of three decisions for the rest of the day: leave it, scale it, pessimize

• We introduced a separate monthly report on the correlation of the dynamics of online orders and actual shipments – we had to it manually, selecting orders from advertising and analyzing cases with receipts for over 100 000 rubles from the point of view of the user’s portrait and motivation

• We tracked users whose systematic purchases were interrupted, allocated them to a separate segment and launched e-mail newsletters.


• If we create a newsletter by segments, we will increase the turnover by an additional 10%. It has come true thanks to 2 newsletters with promo codes for a segmented database.

• If we collect statistical data by splitting the categories by profit and average check including markup, we will be able to see which categories allow for a CPO increase, thereby attracting more leads. In fact we have managed to attract a volume of additional 5 000 000 rubles per week.

• If we launch a pop-up, we will be able to get additional leads from users who will fill out lead forms, and then convert into buyers from trigger emails that they receive.


• Yandex Market
• Yandex Direct & Google Ads
• Email newsletter
• Call tagging
• Hardcore manual analytics


37% increase of the sales volume and 19% decrease in CPO of website orders.
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